Our Privacy is Gone

The United States government is recording and storing every piece of our electronic communication and has been doing so for at least the last 5 years.  Our wireless phone providers track our every movement & freely share this information with both government & application developers, while software companies record everything we search for, look at & purchase on the Internet.  All of this data is being collected, analyzed, & sold to whoever has the money to pay for it.  The problem is that personal privacy is essential to all the other basic liberties we enjoy.  The right to free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to protest all depend on our ability to keep an autonomous space free from intrusion by the government.  The Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal and Russian interference with the 2016 elections prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that our technological ability to collect massive amounts of data is a fundamental threat to our democratic process.  If we let our basic right to privacy disappear, our democracy & freedom are going to disappear right along with it.

How Can We Get It Back?

In terms of technology, we can't, too much of what happens on the Internet depends on tagging you, tracking you, and recording that information for analysis. By its very nature software logs events, and besides, we love the convenience of it all. Most of us can't imagine trying to find an address without GPS navigation, and cell phones do not work without being able to find a cell tower. There is so much money involved on the business side that no amount of protesting, legislating, or re-writing of privacy policies is going to solve the problem either. The collection & aggregation of data is going to continue unabated in the modern age. The only way to regain our personal privacy is to disassociate our real name and address from our browsing devices and pay with "cash" on the Internet.  Our mission at BuyChoice is to give you back your privacy, this is how we do it...