We Believe You Have The Right to Privacy

BuyChoice exists to help you take back this right from advertisers, corporations, and the government.

The NSA listening to our phone calls... Intenet service providers recording our web browsing... Facebook selling our information to the Russians... Our fundamental right to privacy has been stripped away and there is only one way to get it back - Anonymity.   BuyChoice gives you your right to privacy back by acting as a trusted third party, seperating your name and address from your online purchases and activities so that you remain truly anonymous.  Items  are shipped to our address, re-shipped to you at which time your personal information is stricken from our records.  

You would like to get your DNA tested, but don't want your personal data sold to the pharmacuitical companies?  Use BuyChoice to purchase the test and you become just a number to the testing company.  When you purchase your email, set up a VPN account, or pay for mobile phone service through our service, you become "Anonymous - BuyChoice".  There is no way to tie your phone account to your real name and address because the service provider never received it, and BuyChoice has deleted it.  We insure your privacy is never compromised by ISP's, search engines, phone companies, or unscrupulous marketers by simply making you nameless.  The government can still listen to your phone calls and apps can still track your movements, but they don't not know who you are, and this makes all the difference.  Please read our Privacy Policy (Don't worry, it is extremely short)