You Have The Right to Privacy

Take it back from advertisers, corporations, and the government

Our fundamental right to privacy has been stripped away by the Internet, and there is only one way to get it back - Anonymity.  At BuyChoice we act as a trusted third party by separating your name and address from the online purchases that you want to keep private.  When you order something from BuyChoice the items  are shipped to our address and then re-shipped to you, after which personal information is stricken from our records.  This provides you with complete and total anonymity - you are Anonymous - BuyChoice.

Get your DNA tested, not sold to pharmaceutical companies

The "Privacy Policies" of the large DNA testing companies should be labeled "Non-Privacy Policies". If you take the time to read them they outline their plan to sell your personal DNA information to highest bidder. Use BuyChoice to purchase the DNA test and you become just a number to the testing DNA testing firm.  Your name, address, age, and other personal information can never be associated with your DNA test results, and the information can never be bought and sold for marketing purposes.

Stop being spied on and tracked

Set up a VPN account or pay for mobile phone service through us and you become "Anonymous - BuyChoice". There is no way to tie your phone or VPN account to your real name and address because the service provider never has it in the first place. When activity is traced to an "Anonymous - BuyChoice" account, your name, address and any personally identifiable information has been deleted from our records as a part of company policy. We insure your privacy is never compromised by ISP's, search engines, phone companies, or unscrupulous marketers by simply making you nameless. The government can still listen to your phone, and apps can still track your phone, but they don't not know who you are... You areAnonymous - BuyChoice.

Read our Privacy Policy (it is extremely short)

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