Privacy is Dead

The 2001 Patriot Act allows the NSA to monitor and record virtually every text and phone call in the USA.

Credit agency Equifax's data breach exposed 145 million names, addresses and social security numbers.

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica may have altered the 2016 elections.

We are not sure when it happened, only that it has happened...


Long Live Privacy

BuyChoice exists to help you take back your right to privacy from both government and commercial marketers.

We believe your privacy should not be compromised when purchasing products on the internet so we act as a firewall between you and the seller. You simply become "Anonyomous - BuyChoice".  Unauthorized leaks, hacks, data sharing, affiliate sales or other privacy violations cannot occur. Intrusive or predatory advertising and commercial messaging is eliminated. In addition, because we do not store your information beyond the transaction period, your location, what you purchased, or service you received can never be tied to your name or address, by anyone, ever.

Google is going to continue to track your every move, and the United States Government's National Security Agency is going to continue to listen to and archive all you phone calls...  You cannot keep them from gathering this information, but you can keep them from knowing who you are!  

We believe you have the right to privacy, or at the very least, anonymity.  We  want help you take back your right to privacy from unscrupulous marketers and the federal government.  By acting as a proxy for your email service and phone service, our mission is to protect your name and address (at all costs) from internet service providors, search engines, phone companies, as well as the federal, state and local governments.  They can still track you, see what you are buying, and market to you... BUT THEY WILL NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU LIVE, HOW MANY KIDS YOU HAVE, AND WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING.


4 Steps to Protect Your Electronic Privacy


If the service is free, you are the product. If your email account is provided "free" by your ISP, Cable Company, or Google, what is actually being sold is you...

Stop being sold.



As Sting used to say "Every move you make, I'll be watching you". Every website, video, and photo you download is recorded and traced to your IP address...

Stop being watched.



If the government suggested we put tracking chips in our drivers license's in the 1990's we would have laughed, yet today we carry them around voluntarily...

Stop being tracked.



It used to be you wanted to stay anonymous when making a purchase you simply paid cash, unfortunately this has become impossible on the Internet...

Start paying cash.