$1000 Pre-Paid (CASH) Debit Card

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Anonymous - BuyChoice! *Includes 12 months of Anonymous@BuyChoice.com email

All phone plans come with a re-loadable BuyChoice Debit Card because it is crucial to use an Anonymous BuyChoice Gift Card at The App Store, and any other recurring services on your phone, to maintain your electronic privacy. The NSA will still listen to all your phone calls, and Google will continue to track your every move, but THEY WILL NO LONGER KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

Use this page to re-load your Anonymous BuyChoice Debit Card. When paying by Crypto, be sure to use your BuyChoice email address that is associated with the debit card.

Anonymous email, VPN service , and a $100 re-loadable Debit Card are INCLUDED in phone plans.

If you pay using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin, your name and email are all that is required, paying by credit card requires your name and billing address. In either case, all personally identifiable information will be deleted after you are satisfied with delivery.

When your order is placed we will use the information you provide to issue you a a private @BuyChoice.com email account and password, following delivery all your personally identifiable information will be destroyed EXCEPT your @BuyChoice.com email and password. You can renew subscriptions using this your @BuyChoice.com email, and we will use it for all future correspondence.

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Price : $ 1,050.00

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