Order Status

How Do I Place An Order?

If you want to buy something anonymously, and it is legal to purchase, we will get it for you... Simply call 720-217-9401, or use the form below. Your personal sales rep will create an "item" so you can pay for your purchase through MC/VISA or Bitcoin. We will then order the item, take delivery of it from the seller, then re-ship it to you.

After making sure you are satisfied with your purchase we remove the name and address associated with the order and the only record of it will be a number. No personal information is ever shared or compromised because it CANNOT be shared or compromised.

A variety of items that have been ordered by previous customers concerned about keeping their information private, like phone and DNA testing services, are available through our regular checkout process. If you would like something you don't see, use the form below to send us the specific URL of the item, and a method to contact you.